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Barbie offers newsroom inspiration

We have a special book in our office that we turn to in times of stress, boredom and the occasional victory. It's a book that has been passed down from reporter to reporter ever since it was introduced to us by former editor Jane Seyd.

Justice delayed

Our court system is becoming so overburdened and clogged with unresolved cases that it brings to mind the old adage, "justice delayed is justice denied." The delay in the sentencing of Fred Church last week was a vivid demonstration of the situation.

No NHL hockey - no problem

So the NHL owners have locked out the players, and the threat of no professional hockey this season is a real possibility. As a self-described sports nut and hockey fanatic, you might think these recent developments would have me tearing my hair out.

Theft from seniors disgusting

Every week we seem to report crimes against citizens of the Sunshine Coast. They are always troubling, and many of them don't make much sense. This week we've learned of a crime that is so disgusting it's almost too hard to comprehend.

Inspiration finds you when you least expect it

We're a pretty blasé bunch around this office. Along with most of our ilk we look at the world with jaded eyes. But every once in a while a week comes along when we're forced to change our grey outlook. This past week was just such a week.

If I had a million dollarsÂ….

While trying to piece together information about a former Sunshine Coast student, Alexandra Molina, who was recently featured on Oprah's Wildest Dreams Come True segment, I was lured to the Oprah website where you can nominate yourself or someone els

Spend the surplus on health care

Another case of a health system in disarray came to our attention this week. A Sechelt woman wrote us detailing a horrible experience she and her mother experienced recently. The daughter took her mother to St.

Website is no help to teachers

Whatever happened to giving the teacher an apple at the end of the day to say thanks for a job well done? It seems that notion has gone by the wayside with the news of a controversial teacher-rating website. Ratemyteacher.

Sept. 11: I will always remember

I still remember the day as if it were yesterday. My roommate Justin and I were leaving our pad in Squamish to head to work at the Squamish Chief. I flipped on the radio and heard something I still to this day can't forget.

Thanks for helping the kids

What was lost has now been found - well, replaced actually.