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Housing crisis affects us all

Last Saturday's forum on affordable housing was the most thought-provoking event I've attended in a long time.

Partnerships pave way for prosperous year

Signs of a prosperous year for economic development on the Coast have already started. Last week we learned that funding has been secured for the initial phase of the Sechelt marine access project.

Affordable housing needed now

The community services committee in Gibsons has taken a big step towards creating affordable housing.

Be prepared - we might be next

It could have been us.

Relief effort amazing

The global response to the worst natural disaster in our lifetime has been unbelievable. The tsunami that struck Asia during the Christmas holidays has touched us all, and the Sunshine Coast is no exception.

More than a partisan political statement

After I had my say on the U.S. election in my last column, a few people were offended to learn that I don't support George W. Bush.

We're getting healthier

Some good news of sorts this week - Coasters are getting healthier.

Readers', Riders, Remembrance

I used to hold Readers' Digest in high esteem as a good organization, but after the mail-out I received this week, I'm changing my feelings.

Judge's comments questionable

Mr. Justice Peter Fraser of the B.C. Supreme Court made some questionable statements last week while passing sentence on Fred Church.

The need for Arrowhead is great

In light of news that a client of Arrowhead attempted suicide two weeks ago, I'm moved to write about the need for a centre for these often ignored and sometimes feared members of our society.