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Opinion: Better planning needed to prevent heat-related deaths

Opinion: Better planning needed to prevent heat-related deaths

Summer has drawn to a close, which means it is time to prepare for the next one. And by that, I mean governments at all levels must assume that next summer will see significant heat levels and wildfire activity.
Editorial: Not just another day

Editorial: Not just another day

The last day of September has been observed in Canada as Orange Shirt Day since 2013.

Letters: Artifact from somewhere

Editor: Re: “Artifact uncovered at White Tower Park,” Sept 17. I find it interesting that they have found an artifact behind the Gibsons pool and curling rink.

Letters: Enough water in Chapman

Editor: So, we yet again dodged the bullet. September rains saved the SCRD from running out of water. It needn’t be like this. There is ample existing storage in Chapman Lake to meet present needs, just waiting to be harnessed.

Letters: House used to be a home

Editor: We moved here over 30 years ago and have stayed for one compelling reason: community.

Letters: Kindness remains in style

Editor: When was the last time you were the recipient of a random act of kindness? In our ever-busy lives we often forget to say hi or help our neighbour.

Letters: Totally oppose rezoning

Editor: I oppose the proposal for zoning change of district lot 1312 North Harman Road. I have lived on Ranch Road for over 30 years. After looking at the proposal to change the zoning I came away with a 100 per cent disapproval of such development.

Letters: No vax, no alcohol

Editor: Since the political push, supported by the health officials, is to have everyone vaccinated for COVID-19, perhaps asking for evidence of receiving vaccine at the various alcohol points of sale might have a positive effect on vaccination rates

Letters: Water a scarce resource

Editor: Now that we are done with the Election No One Wanted and Was Not Needed, we can return to more personal, locally urgent matters – water. The debate on whether putting meters in is a good idea will come back at us.
Prolonged pandemic casts outsized shadow over Canadian politics

Prolonged pandemic casts outsized shadow over Canadian politics

Handling of COVID-19 has determined political fortunes of PM and premiers from coast to coast.