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Les Leyne: NDP cuts off debate on major legislation, contradicting calls for scrutiny when it was in opposition

Les Leyne: NDP cuts off debate on major legislation, contradicting calls for scrutiny when it was in opposition

Hammer was brought down multiple times, cutting off debate on four bills

Letters: It’s Restorative Justice Week

Editor: The Restorative Justice Program of the Sunshine Coast (RJPSC) and other restorative justice programs across Canada will be celebrating Restorative Justice Week Nov. 21 through Nov. 28.

Letters: Bear cubs saved

Editor: Three orphaned black bear cubs got an early Christmas gift this past week: a better chance for survival.

Letters: Near-term solutions

Editor: Jay Ritchlin is partly correct on the need for adjustments to B.C.’s dated natural gas royalty regime but he lets cancel ideology get in the way when advocating winding down of natural gas drilling altogether.

Letters: Seeing the cost of logging

Editor: The Sunshine Coast Community Forest (SCCF) decided to start road building and tree falling in HM50 four weeks ago, at the beginning of the rainy season.

Letters: Not a water option

Editor: Former SCRD planner Judy Skogstad’s most recent letter implies that the only thing stopping us from increasing water supply from Chapman Lake is misguided park proponents and cites AECOM’s 2016 Chapman Lake Water Expansion Project

Letters: Raising the Métis flag

Editor: Nov. 16 is Louis Riel Day annually in dozens of communities in various areas of Canada. On that day, the Metis Infinity Flag (150 years older than the Canadian flag) is raised at city and town halls in many areas of B.C.

Letters: No more lineups, please

Editor: I have been writing letters to BC Ferries for about five years with suggestions on ways to avoid waiting at the terminal, so far without success. I suggested that: They could implement variable rates to reduce ridership at peak times.

Letters: Joggers thanking drivers

Editor: A few years ago, the Coast Reporter published my crank letter, complaining about those drivers (“...usually with large black trucks”) who refuse to give pedestrians or joggers a bit of space.

Letters: BC Ferries credit where due

Editor: On Wednesday evening, Nov. 10, my family was returning from Vancouver. We endured a five-and-a-half hour wait at Horseshoe Bay – including an hour outside the ticket booths and after that, inside the terminal.