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Be a responsible pet owner

In recent weeks, numerous reports of dog attacks have surfaced on the Sunshine Coast.Two accounts of such attacks have appeared in the letters section of Coast Reporter. In both cases, the owner of the animal was nowhere to be found.

No room for mentally ill prisoners

It was shocking news last week to hear of the death of a mother, allegedly killed by her own son in Langdale.

Are budget cuts looming?

The next session of the B.C. Legislature kicked off on Tuesday with the B.C. Liberals' throne speech. The 32-page report was filled with promises of education initiatives, and served as a prelude to this Tuesday's budget announcement.

What was he thinking?

Last week Sunshine Coast Regional District director Adrian Belshaw may have put his foot in his mouth when he publicly told police to stop busting marijuana growers. We're curious as to where Mr.

Can't we all just get along?

I've been living on the Sunshine Coast for a little over a year since taking over as editor in January, 2003. It's taken me a while to get to know some people and get up to snuff on the issues affecting us here on the Coast.

A fighter until the end

As I boarded the ferry last week, I knew the purpose of my trip to Vancouver was to say good-bye to my grandmother.

Scoop the poop

It seems pretty simple, right? It's a beautiful day and time to head out and walk the dog. While out walking, your dog does his business and, like a responsible dog owner, you pick up the mess. Done, end of story. We wish it were that simple.

Lords of the Rink: Return of the Referendum

The latest effort to build new recreation facilities on the Sunshine Coast got off to a rocky start last Thursday.

Violent attacks disturbing

The Sunshine Coast is joining the current trend of disturbing, violent criminal acts with a couple of serious incidents. The term home invasion is one everyone is familiar with.

Gateway project in turmoil

The Gibsons and District Chamber of Commerce has some serious damage control ahead after a week of turmoil.