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Good and bad news

The 2007 provincial budget announced by finance minister Carol Taylor on Tuesday has a good news, bad news feel to it. The good news: B.C. taxpayers are getting a 10 per cent break and personal income tax savings of up to $864 a year.

A legacy of smoking

Last Saturday was the third anniversary of my mom's death. I marked it helping my youngest son Patrick and his partner move up the street in Vancouver.

ER situation critical

Health care is front and centre this week with news the emergency room (ER) at St. Mary's Hospital is on life support. Dr.

A night in the television lights

My close friends and family have always known I had a passion for a different kind of journalism - broadcast journalism. Growing up in Saskatchewan and then B.C.

Taking the long way around

Why don't you take the long way? Anyone who's heard this question recognizes its sarcasm. After 27 years of being asked this, I still don't have an answer. But I do have a question: why not? I like challenges, I always have.

The poison pen letter

Email is quickly becoming the new poison pen medium - just ask Bill Bennett.

Big box debate

Is Wal-Mart coming to town? That's the million dollar question that many in this community seem convinced is true. We tried to get to the bottom of this mystery this week (see story page A1), but the development company remains tight-lipped.

Inspired to be better

Have you ever known someone who inspired you to be a better person? I have the pleasure of knowing a handful of such people.

Sometimes there isn't fire where there's smoke

I'm a smoker. There, I've said it. I realize the stigma around smoking today makes me the equivalent of a modern day leper, but it's a decision, a bad one, I made years ago.

Pickton trial is the ultimate test

Robert William Pickton - innocent until proven guilty. Not so for some of the folks writing about or observing his trial this week.
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