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Silly season has started

It may be only May, but the silly season has started. For those of you new to the lingo, the silly season is the lead-up to an election - in this case, the municipal elections set for November.

Can it get any worse?

Two weeks ago I penned an editorial about the ongoing vandalism and destruction of the Gibsons skatepark in Brothers Park.

Minister Christiansen let me down

This will be my last column for Coast Reporter before I drive into the wild blue yonder, across the length of Canada ending on my daughter's doorstep in Halifax.

No justice in this system

The justice system in this country is laughable at times. Two recent examples are cases in point. Federal officials are launching an internal investigation into a MySpace webpage about serial killer Clifford Olson that surfaced two weeks ago.

Skate bowl or dumping ground?

The level of senseless vandalism and graffiti in the Town of Gibsons is starting to take its toll on Town council and staff.

There's no art to student works funding

It never ceases to amaze me what a talented community we have. We have people who are conversant in so many arts they make my jaw drop in sheer envy. Sometimes, though, I wonder if we value these people enough.

Silverback is back

It's been one of the hottest and politically charged topics to hit Sechelt in a long time - and it all came to a head on Wednesday night.

Tourism for the backpacker

Last Friday, I attended a meeting of the Sunshine Coast Tourism Partnership, an upstart group of tourism entrepreneurs from the Upper and Lower Coast.

Sending the message home

It was a scene no paramedic, police officer or firefighter wants to attend. A red Ford Escort had collided head-on with a white, late-model Oldsmobile sedan. Beer cans and pieces of twisted metal lay on the ground beside the broken-up vehicles.

As the Silverback turns

No, it's not the title of a bad soap opera or an even worse made for TV movie, but I find the title kind of fitting when thinking about the debate over the Silverback development in Sandy Hook.
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