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The stigma of mental illness

So here's the thing: I have a problem with depression. I know what you're thinking.

Golden brews and back-to-work blues

The sun was beaming down on a cloudless day, my cup was filled with a golden brew, I was sitting 10 rows up behind home plate, and I wondered if life could get any better than this.

Voting by numbers

For those wondering how the CBC could have made the colossal election-night error of declaring John Reynolds had lost, the poll-by-poll results from Elections Canada provide fascinating insights.

Election hangovers

It's the morning after. A day for candidates to either pat themselves on the back (never a shortcoming of any politician) or kick themselves a little lower in the same vicinity (never a habit of any politician).

The truth is sometimes hard to find

Last week we reported on Chris Old, a 41-year-old man who is dying of AIDS and was grateful and happy to have a friend named Carson Ducharme who was trying to start an AIDS hospice in a trailer home in Gibsons.

An undecided voter

With election day looming, I'm undecided, despite - or perhaps because of - hours of listening to debates. Since I'm not truly inspired to vote for any party, I'll try a process of elimination.John Reynolds: no.

A three-ring circus

Anyone who tuned in to Tuesday night's election debate looking for answers probably tuned out pretty quickly.

What's lurking in the sandbox?

I recently met two little girls at Hackett Park who informed me I shouldn't let my one-year-old daughter run barefoot in the sand because "there's needles and glass in there." I gave them a puzzled look and asked how they knew that.

Pop open the champagne

As I sit at my office staring out my window trying to get through another deadline week, I sometimes wonder if it's all worth it. The pressure of another week and fighting to get out another edition.

Heroes and villains remembered

What a difference a week makes. This past Sunday, the Sunshine Coast stopped to honour heroes from another century - the men and women, some then as young as 16, who stepped forward to stop the onslaught of Hitler and his cronies on our world.