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Public service is a privilege

Editor: Public service is a privilege, not a burden. It is a noble profession, and for many, a genuine calling. Our country has been blessed with outstanding public servants - both elected and unelected - throughout our history.

Reaffirm B.C.'s energy rights

Editor: The provincial government has taken a radically new direction in providing energy for B.C. citizens and industry. The government's new Energy Plan has taken away BC Hydro's right to create new energy and given that job to the private sector.

Who'd want to be on council?

Editor: Four of the letters on page A11 in the Jan. 8 edition of Coast Reporter just have to be the some of the most vitriolic I have read in some time. One letter complains that Sechelt council "have regressed to a state back beyond the Neanderthal.

Xmas kettles a huge success

Editor: The Salvation Army on the Coast wants to thank the community for its support this Christmas. The 2009 Christmas Kettle Campaign's goal of $33,000 was exceeded by an astonishing 61 per cent.

Open letter to Davis Bay residents

Editor: Council wants to have a win/win solution. The proposal just approved by council is to put in lights and a turn lane, moving the project toward the seaward side.

Apartheid not too strong a word

Editor: I was not surprised to read the letter by Jan Michael Sherman ("Unbalanced narrative," Coast Reporter, Jan. 1).

Bad drivers are being watched

Editor: After leading the pedestrian way of life for a few months now (no access to a vehicle), I have started to notice certain driver behaviours that should not even be done or are outright illegal - and they are becoming worse as time goes on.

Common sense in short supply

Editor: Coun. Ann Kershaw is quoted as saying she hoped "common sense would guide how the [new dog control] bylaw gets enforced." Common sense was certainly in short supply when this inane bylaw was introduced.

Regression of humans continues

Editor: Once again over the past year, many people have stepped forward to demonstrate that they as humans have regressed, yet they truly believe that they are the superior ones.

No pride in our country

Editor: On New Year's Eve, my wife and I were enjoying a quiet evening at home. We were unaware of the group of young people passing the front of our home in West Sechelt.