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Letters: An irrational display

Editor: I was so disgusted, sad and disappointed by the protest at Sechelt Hospital (“Freedom to work rally,” Sept. 3).

Letters: Had COVID, don’t want jab

Editor: We keep hearing about how many people died of COVID in B.C. in the last 18 months.

Letters: Rights and responsibilities

Editor: I was horrified to hear of the recent behaviour of some B.C.

Letters: Follow Mexico on water

Editor: The Sunshine Coast doesn’t have a water shortage. Rather, it has far more water than it needs. The problem is that most of it is salty. This fact hit home three years ago when my husband and I visited Los Cabos, Mexico.

Letters: Where’s Simons in crisis?

Editor: I, along with pretty much everyone else on the Coast, have been diligently conserving water and reading the articles and letters about our dwindling water supply with great interest and dismay.

Letters: No checks on Airbnb

Editor: Did you know that in Gibsons anyone can purchase a house, live off site, and rent it out on Airbnb with no accountability for the negative effects on the neighbours? There are no laws preventing absentee homeowners from renting out as many ro

Letters: Too early to lift ban

Editor: This letter was sent to Forests Minister Katrine Conroy and Premier John Horgan. I was extremely upset to hear that campfire bans are being lifted in coastal B.C. with the exception of the south Island.

Letters: Odours a major nuisance

Editor: I strongly agree with the comments by W.S. Barden (“Gibsons has odour issue,” Letters, Aug. 20) regarding the unacceptable putrid odours emanating from the Gibsons wastewater treatment plant.

Letters: Join me in a ‘Noble Work’

Editor: As readers may know, Henry David Thoreau was a prominent American environmentalist in the last century. He was famous for his back-to-nature style of living on Walden Pond in Concord, Mass.

Letters: Lois Garret’s legacy

Editor: My friend Anne Miles told me recently that she learned that Lois Garret had died at Shorncliffe. I have many happy memories of learning from Lois.