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Let’s be open-minded

Editor: Let’s be open-minded, and try the reservation trial proposed by BC Ferries. The current system isn’t working during peak travel times.

Hostage scenarios endless

Editor: This has to be the worst plan BC Ferries has come up with to date – it’s utterly insane – to subject us on Route 3 to a 95 per cent reservation system, where there is no room for last-minute ferry travel.

We are no longer safe

Editor: While intelligent people in British Columbia are doing their very best to reduce the spread of COVID, it seems those who govern this glorious province are doing everything in their power to promote the spread of this insidious disease.

Only destination left

Editor: With the current “lockdown” in place, the Sunshine Coast is in the appalling situation of being the only vacation spot available for over two million people in the combined Fraser and Vancouver Coastal health regions.

Are we less worthy?

Editor: I recently reviewed the new travel restrictions on the BC Ferries website. To my moderate surprise this ban does not include the Sunshine Coast.

Respect nesting season

Editor: I’m again dismayed to witness so much land clearing going on during breeding/nesting season. We have such temperate weather here, surely it could be done during other times of the year with less impact. We can do better.

Sure feels like a battle

Editor: Re: “A balance not a battle” by Lori Pratt, Letters, April 23.

Health care needs support

Editor: Powerful words such as tyranny, oppression, censorship and lies are currently being displayed every Saturday along the highway in Davis Bay.

Wondering about STRs

Editor: Once again your letters page is inundated with complaints about short-term rentals on the “coast” – the theme of which is reducing the shortage of housing – which led me to wondering.

Don’t blame the boomers

Editor: Recently, my level-headed friend was caught into a vociferous dispute by a younger man who blamed the baby boomers for the high price of real estate in Sechelt.