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Politicians failing to address cellphone cost discontent in Canada

Politicians failing to address cellphone cost discontent in Canada

70% of the province’s mobile phone users said their plan is “very expensive” or “moderately expensive,” poll finds.
Editorial: An election that matters

Editorial: An election that matters

For some of you, it’s already over. Elections Canada reported this week that an estimated 22,422 electors in West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast-Sea to Sky Country had voted at the advance polls between Sept. 10 and 13.
Opinion: Election could hinge on these B.C. ridings

Opinion: Election could hinge on these B.C. ridings

Predicting an election outcome is a risky endeavour at best, but a somewhat safer exercise is focusing on the specific ridings that may determine which party forms government after the Sept. 20 vote. In B.C.

Letters: Staff shortage hits home

Editor: Have you recently tried going out for a beer or a dinner at one of our local restaurants and found it to be closed? Or maybe it was open, but with reduced hours? It appears that we on the Coast have a shortage of restaurant staff and after di

Letters: Treated like children

Editor: I agree with Steve Bailey about the cancellation of the Sept. 1 in-person all-candidates meeting at High Beam Dreams (“Candidates disappointing,” Letters, Sept. 10).

Letters: Charter also sets limits

Editor: The paid advertisement on page 13 last week is headed up “Your Rights and Freedoms” and purports to give us the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Letters: Risk and inconvenience

Editor: Reading Lawrence Dolha’s letter (“Had COVID, don’t want jab,” Sept. 10) has made me rethink my position on this whole vaccination business. At first blush, the fact that B.C.

Letters: Shades of the Godfather

Editor: In reading the Sept. 3 letter “Deluded like Don Quixote,” I had no problem agreeing with the description of anti-vaxxers as delusional.

Letters: Get serious about climate

Editor: The Sept. 9 federal leaders’ debate was the usual mishmash of accusation and counteraccusation with leaders interrupting and shouting over each other.

Letters: Respect goes both ways

Editor: Re: “SCRD staff targeted,” by Dean McKinley, Letters, Sept. 10. I do not condone abuse or targeting behaviour against staff, but over the past 17 months the services provided by the SCRD are subpar. We are once again in Stage 4.