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Successful negotiations

Parents can relax over the summer and enjoy spending time with their children knowing that school will start on schedule in September. Both teachers and parents waited eagerly for news last Friday, June 30, the final day for the B.C.

Time to work together

The community forest plan undertaken by the District of Sechelt has not been without its share of controversy. Lord knows the volume of letters to the editor we've received on the subject.

Land issues won't go away without progress

Supreme Court of Canada decisions such as Delgamuukw recognizing Aboriginal title to their traditional territory, which should have had overnight provincial policy implications, are finally being acknowledged by the province.

Hooked on dance

We have many excellent dance training programs on the Coast. That fact has been emphasized over these last few weeks while the dance schools have wrapped up their seasons with recitals.

The Lake family needs closure

People disappear every day. You need only to search "missing people" on the Internet to see thousands of faces of loved ones lost somewhere, somehow.

To make a deal

Labour negotiations often involve a great deal of theatre, drama manufactured during the give-and-take struggle to obtain the best possible deal for workers and for employers. In the current round of discussions between the B.C.

Government needs schooling in Native compensation

It's hard not to cringe when you first hear of the experiences First Nations people had with Indian Residential Schools.

Emerson should stay in Vancouver

I love politics - especially federal politics. Federal politics in this country is never boring. There are always lots of stories to tell and rumours that make for even better headlines. One such juicy rumour caught my attention this week.

Why not inform the public?

Who could have thought that cutting down a few trees would cause so much controversy? Davis Bay residents and others on the Coast are outraged after the trees lining the front of The West condo development were cut down last week.

Circumventing democracy

If you thought debate over a proposed recommendation for restructuring for West Howe Sound, Elphinstone and the Town of Gibsons was finally over with last week's decision - think again.
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