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To merge or not to merge

Today (Feb. 10) is the final day for residents in the Garden Bay Waterworks District (GBWWD) to postmark their ballots, voting for or against a merger with the Sunshine Coast Regional District's (SCRD) Hotel Lake system.

A January to forget

Bright, blue skies and glowing sunshine envelope our office Thursday morning as we pen this editorial. It's a far cry from what the month of January brought. Days and days of rain, high winds and storms pounded the Coast.

A bumpy flight even rougher on the ground

Our airports are safe. Every plane coming from outside the country is always on the radar and accounted for by Canadian Customs.

A time for change

Canada's political landscape changed dramatically Monday night. After 13 years in office, the Liberal Party was ousted in the 39th General Election. Stephen Harper and his Con-servatives have been handed the keys to the Prime Minister's office.

Paul Martin's parting gift

Blair Wilson got only part of his wish Monday night. The telegenic young Liberal, who came within striking distance of winning West Vancouver - Sunshine Coast - Sea to Sky Country two years ago, finally took the riding over Conservative John Weston.

How democratic does a democracy have to be?

I've been wrestling with a big question lately, one that's come about as a result of the federal election.

No truth to rumour

A vicious rumour has surfaced in our community. Last week, someone claimed the Sechelt woman who went missing in December was found. Her body was said to be tied up under the dock in Porpoise Bay.

Pain brings about compassion

As Jan. 30 (the date of my surgery) nears I'm filled with anxiety, fear and a great deal of thankfulness. Without getting into too much detail I'll just say I'm having one of my feminine parts removed to save me from more pain in the future.

Tories in damage control

Canadians head to the polls in 10 days time. The Conservatives hold close to a 10 per cent lead in the polls, but that could change in light of a scandal brewing with one of their B.C. candidates.

Be informed and ready to vote

With the Christmas tree put away for another year, part two of the federal election campaign is in full swing. Party leaders and candidates are circling the country in a frantic three-week push to get your vote on Jan. 23.
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