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Food for thought

My recent trout fishing outings have left me with not only food for my barbecue but also food for thought. I'm one of those "vegetarians" that will eat seafood and dairy but won't eat soup made of chicken stock.

Fighting the rumour mill

I've recently been trying to resurrect my pride after whispers in the community left me feeling unappreciated, untrustworthy and incapable.We get a lot of negative feedback here at the paper.

Out of his league

Our new rookie MP has some pretty lofty goals it seems.

Christian quandary musings

Religion has been on my mind a lot this week.

Habitat is home

There are lots of homes for poor people. There are dingy basement suites in old houses. There are mouldy cottages that should have been torn down decades ago. There are skid road hotels owned by slum landlords.

A ode to mothers everywhere

With Mothers Day approaching this Sunday, I thought I'd use this space to honour mothers and talk a bit about what being a mother means to me. It's amazing how motherhood changes you.

Keep the light on Shaw Road

The Town of Gibsons has a dilemma on its hands - how to fix the transportation issues associated with the Upper Gibsons Neighbourhood Plan. The plan has been on the books for several years.

Pender spirit shines at April Tools

The Pender Harbour spirit was alive last Saturday when hundreds of people came out to watch the skilled carpenters in their midst build boats with minimal supplies - and to see if the boats would sink.

A Day of Mourning

Last year 188 workers lost their lives on the job in B.C. That number is unacceptable.

Volunteering is alive and well

Where would communities like the Sunshine Coast be without volunteers? It's a question I've been pondering this week, as April 23 to 29 is National Volunteer Week.
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