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Tough teen talk

The average age of first sexual exploitation occurs to a teen at the tender age of 14 these days. A conference on the subject was held this week and the statistic came from the study Sexually Exploited Youth in B.C., presented by Elizabeth Saewyc.

Town can move forward

Those not wanting another election received good news Tuesday afternoon.

The time to end polio is now

Polio at one time was a word that could strike terror in the hearts of North Americans. Parents feared their little children being victimized by this scourge - and with good reason.

FSA battle lines drawn

Will they or won't they administer the test? That's a question that teachers' associations around the province are asking themselves after teachers voted 83 per cent to comply with a Labour Relations Board (LRB) ruling and end their boycott of the co

Showing some budget sense

It's quite possibly the most important federal budget that will be introduced in my lifetime, and it's one I hope will be passed and endorsed by Parliament.

What's a powerful alternative?

The Sunshine Coast is being flooded with independent power producers and run-of-river hydro projects. One proposed for the Tzoonie River watershed is in the environmental review stage.

The revolution was televised

President Barack Obama - as of about nine a.m. PST on Tuesday, it's the first time in my budding journalism career I have been able to put those words together. His inauguration drew in about 1.8 million people, American and otherwise.

Rock re-do

It's going to take a bit more time before a neighbourhood plan is completed for Gospel Rock, but what's wrong with that? If we want to get it right, having more consultation and getting the public more involved is a good thing, isn't it? In November,

Funding frenzy

It appears Christmas has come a little late for several organizations on the Coast - but we suspect they are not in the least disappointed. Community Futures will be taking advantage of $3 million from the State for Western Economic Diversification.

Internet or newspaper, you choose

In Grade 6 (1983), my class was led into a room at the far end of a hallway on the second floor of St. Avila Elementary School. We were given a look at the two coveted Apple computers our school had just acquired. Look is the operative word.
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