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The truth is sometimes hard to find

Last week we reported on Chris Old, a 41-year-old man who is dying of AIDS and was grateful and happy to have a friend named Carson Ducharme who was trying to start an AIDS hospice in a trailer home in Gibsons.

An undecided voter

With election day looming, I'm undecided, despite - or perhaps because of - hours of listening to debates. Since I'm not truly inspired to vote for any party, I'll try a process of elimination.John Reynolds: no.

A three-ring circus

Anyone who tuned in to Tuesday night's election debate looking for answers probably tuned out pretty quickly.

What's lurking in the sandbox?

I recently met two little girls at Hackett Park who informed me I shouldn't let my one-year-old daughter run barefoot in the sand because "there's needles and glass in there." I gave them a puzzled look and asked how they knew that.

Pop open the champagne

As I sit at my office staring out my window trying to get through another deadline week, I sometimes wonder if it's all worth it. The pressure of another week and fighting to get out another edition.

Heroes and villains remembered

What a difference a week makes. This past Sunday, the Sunshine Coast stopped to honour heroes from another century - the men and women, some then as young as 16, who stepped forward to stop the onslaught of Hitler and his cronies on our world.

A Sunshine Coast ferry tale

Welcome, tourists, to the Sunshine Coast, Gateway to Powell River and home of the world's largest gravel pit. A good time is guaranteed to all visitors.

Campaign off and running

It's only been two weeks on the campaign trail and already things are heating up. This is going to be one of the dirtiest and hard-fought federal election campaigns in decades. The outcome is far from decided across Canada.

Cowardly attacks disgusting

The Sunshine Coast is being thrust into the media spotlight this week, but unfortunately for all the wrong reasons.

Reality TV or sick and twisted TV?

I must admit I'm a reality TV watcher. But reality TV doesn't seem like the right term to me. Perhaps they should call it crazy-stuff-people-will-only-do-for-money TV or pain-for-the-purpose-of-entertainment TV.