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We're getting healthier

Some good news of sorts this week - Coasters are getting healthier.

Readers', Riders, Remembrance

I used to hold Readers' Digest in high esteem as a good organization, but after the mail-out I received this week, I'm changing my feelings.

Judge's comments questionable

Mr. Justice Peter Fraser of the B.C. Supreme Court made some questionable statements last week while passing sentence on Fred Church.

The need for Arrowhead is great

In light of news that a client of Arrowhead attempted suicide two weeks ago, I'm moved to write about the need for a centre for these often ignored and sometimes feared members of our society.

Poppy Fund plunderer disgraceful

This past week - under the heading of believe it or not - comes a tale of a young woman who passed herself off as a volunteer to steal from the Poppy Fund.

George Bush recalls George Orwell

Like many people who favoured the losing side in the U.S. election, I'm still struggling to accept the reality of "four more years." I'm a dual citizen of the U.S.

Coast-wide EDO needed

Economic development is a catch phrase quite common in this community these days. Several volunteer groups, government agencies and governments themselves have been and continue to work on many economic development initiatives.

Be more bear prepared

During the past few weeks, the topic of bear problems on the Sunshine Coast has come up on several occasions.

Travel thrills and luggage ills

It was certainly a shock to the system arriving back in Vancouver last Saturday night.

The art of planned obsolescence

I have three old computers jammed into my home office, each serving a different purpose. They all function, but none of them is worth the plastic it's made of any more. My favourite is the Mac Classic on the top shelf of the closet.