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How about a B.C. GG?

Canada's new Governor General Michaelle Jean was sworn in this week. Jean was born in Haiti, and is now a resident of Quebec.

One to remember

I thought about my mom a lot this past Sunday. And although there's nothing unusual about that, the reason I was thinking about her was out of the ordinary. This past Sunday was the Heart and Stroke Mother Daughter Walk.

Things can't make you happy

It struck me the other day just how selfish and focused on material things most of North America is.

Kudos to hospice society

A beautiful new hospice facility was opened to the public this week.

On the front lines

A picture tells a thousand words. That couldn't be more evident this week. On our front page we have a first-hand account of the destruction Mother Nature can cause, the human tragedy that ensues and the painful aftermath as the clean-up begins.

Bring back the CBC

I for one, am lost without CBC radio. With the lockout dragging on, there is talk, mostly on competing stations, of listeners permanently switching their knobs to other stations.

The ultimate road trip

Last week I was off on vacation. It was the ultimate road trip that took my dad and I down the west coast of the United States. We started our trip in Seattle with a game at Safeco Field between the Mariners and my beloved New York Yankees.

Big Easy is a big mess

Along with the rest of the world, we on the Sunshine Coast watched with horror as yet another part of the world was flattened by a vicious water-fuelled storm.

Finding faith for the future

This past weekend was one spent in sacred places. On Friday I visited the Sechelt Longhouse for the first time.

An endless summer?

Teachers across the province are ready for a strike vote. This week, teachers decided to hold a vote for job action Sept. 20 to 22. It's the worst kind of news for students, who are the real losers in a situation like this.