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Tourism marketing at its worst

Some people in this community just don't get it.

Always there when you need them

We have a wonderful community that can pull together at a moments notice when there is a crisis. Case in point - last Thursday's forest fire in East Porpoise Bay. When we arrived on scene shortly after 2 p.m.

Turn off the tap

Sunshine Coast residents use twice as much water per household as the average Canadian with more than 50 per cent of that water consumed during the summer to water our lawns and gardens. It's a distinction we should not be proud of.

Musings about music

The nabobs that know all insist that most memories are triggered by smells.

Coast gets the drive shaft

So did you hear the one about the provincial government that blew off a lot of steam about green house gases and urged the humble folks of said province to find ways to reduce their carbon footprint on good old Mother Earth? Heck, the politicians eve

Prevention key to curtailing youth crime

More than ever before, we have created a world in which we force kids with still developing brains and oftentimes weakened family supports to make complex decisions at younger and younger ages.

How will you spend your dividend?

When you were a young child, don't you remember the thrill and joy of receiving a birthday card in the mail and a cheque from your favourite aunt or grandmother? It was like found money.

Do you care about recycling?

We know lots of people are concerned about recycling and the benefits that it has to our environment, but does anyone care about the current recycling review going on at the Sunshine Coast Regional District? Judging by the pitiful response at the fir

A long, hot, expensive summer

If you're looking for a little relief from the gas pumps this summer, you'll have to look elsewhere, because it won't be coming anytime soon. Even worse is the news this week that B.C.

Perspective needed on IPPs

On Monday, I joined some of the Sunshine Coast Regional District (SCRD) directors for a tour of Renewable Power's McNair Creek hydroelectric project.