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Upset about proposed bylaw

The following letter was sent to the District of Sechelt and copied to Coast Reporter.

The following letter was sent to the District of Sechelt and copied to Coast Reporter.

To say we are upset about this proposed bylaw change (changing the zoning between Dusty Road and the Onni Development from light industry to marine industry) is an understatement.

Our properties are directly affected by this bylaw. If this bylaw is passed, the first thing we will be asking is for is a reduction on our property taxes.

When we purchased our lots in 2003 they were zoned light industrial, and the 2003 East Porpoise Bay Neighbourhood Plan had them slated for future use as residential. This was confirmed in writing by planner Ray Parfitt as recently as a year ago. Since 2003, several lots have been offered for sale, yet no new marine industry has moved into the area. If there is no demand for marine industry, there would be no demand for our lots, and with no demand, there is little value.

Why would marine industry want to establish here? Deep water is needed for marine industry, but here we have shallow water and a sensitive marine habitat. Is the District planning on dredging the shoreline? We can't imagine Oceans and Fisheries allowing dredging and heavy industry in an area that is poorly flushed and rich with marine life.

If the District is determined to designate this area industrial, a far better solution would be to leave the zoning light industrial. This wouldn't hinder existing marine industries, but would allow a broader range of options for development, hopefully ones compatible with a fragile marine environment.

Please mayor and council, explain to us personally the rationale behind this proposed change. It makes no sense to us and we are deeply concerned.

And please, before making any final decisions, walk our shoreline.

Greg Deacon and Linda Buckingham

East Porpoise Bay