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Letters: Supporting local


Some of us, like many seniors, who don’t leave the Coast very often, have no other option than to pay the over inflated price for our gas. Local governments, past and present, don’t seem to have any interest in helping to fix the blatant rip-off (which is always at least 10 cents over the Lower Mainland price, according to 

The corporations who own and/or control our gas stations are poor corporate citizens. What can we do, in some small way, to alter this situation? What if we only buy the gas we need and don’t use them as convenience stores? Why support big oil when they continually gouge us? Why not buy your milk, candy bars, ice cream, newspapers, coffee, etc. from local stores, that, time after time, generously support our sports teams and various Coast charities? We should be supporting them and not Big Oil. 

Earl Matheson 

Roberts Creek 

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