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Chatelech rides to gold at mountain bike provincials

Grade 10 student August Denham awarded King of the Mountain

Four athletes from the Chatelech Mountain Bike team made the trek to Langford on Vancouver Island for the biggest biking event of the school year. With brand new trails, the Jordie Lunn Bike Park venue attracted 400 students from around the province. Joffre Storey, Leo Reichard, August Denham and Paul Egger-Smith had solid performances in both the cross country and enduro events. 

The day belonged to Grade 10 August Denham. After winning three out of four races in the NSSAA league, August continued right where he left off by winning gold again in the Grade 10 cross country race. He had a decisive victory, finishing the race by more than a minute and a half ahead of the competition. August considers himself to be more of a cross country racer, so he was not quite sure what to expect in the enduro race that featured three stages. He finished in fourth. With this strong finish, August was awarded the gold medal for King of the Mountain for Grade 10, an award given to the overall top biker in the province. 

One of the best moments for me was watching our team of four hang out together before and after the races. These athletes pursue every opportunity to be on their bikes and ride trails and hit jumps. Congratulations to the Chatelech Mountain Bike team.