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Family still searching for answers

Nov. 27 marked two years since 80-year-old Rhody Lake went missing from her Sandy Hook home.

Nov. 27 marked two years since 80-year-old Rhody Lake went missing from her Sandy Hook home.

Coast Reporter spoke with Rhody's daughter Jennifer Lake on the anniversary, who said the family is feeling frustrated that more hasn't been done in the case.

Rhody went missing Nov. 27, 2005 while apparently on a walk from her Sandy Hook home. The last reported sighting of her was at Porpoise Bay Provincial Park speaking to an elderly man at about 3:30 p.m. After that, she disappeared. No trace of her has ever been found. The Lake family hired a private investigator about a year ago with the hope of finding new information about Rhody's disappearance. Jennifer said important information was uncovered by the investigator that could help solve the case, but it has not yet been followed up by the Sunshine Coast RCMP.

"We passed that information on to the Sunshine Coast RCMP but they have been slow to do anything with it. They don't seem to feel any urgency," Jennifer said.

Cpl. Lisa Fossum is currently handling the Lake file. She denies there has been new information uncovered since police conducted the initial interviews in the case. She noted the file is still open and police are continuing their investigation.

"We are working on the file. Right now we're working on re-interviewing witnesses we interviewed initially to determine the most accurate information," Fossum said.

The other angle that Jennifer worries has never been looked at seriously is that of foul play.

Sgt. Gerry Webb said that possibility has been investigated.

"We can't say right now that foul play was involved. That doesn't mean we won't find out later it was foul play, but at this time we don't suspect it," Webb said.

Jennifer notes the family feels powerless to find the answers they so desperately want. "There's not a lot we can do now. It's really a waiting game," Jennifer said.

Every time a report comes in of human remains found on land or in the ocean the family has hopes that an answer is in sight. "In one way you hope it is her and in one way you hope it isn't," Jennifer said.

Fossum says she understands the family's frustration and she wants to solve the case too. "We understand the family is absolutely hurting and wants closure. We're frustrated too. We'd like to be able to provide that for them," she said.

Rhody may have been wearing a blue and yellow vest, brown cords, brown hiking boots and an orange and red or beige toque when she went missing.

New information could solve this two-year-old mystery. If you have information about this case, contact Sunshine Coast RCMP at 604-885-2266.

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