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Local Arts

Gemini engages audience

The Sounds for Summer classical music concert by identical twins Val and Julie Rutter, better known as Gemini, delivered a diverse program, kept a brisk pace and culminated in an amazing encore moment.

Stage Beauty shows love of theatre

Stage Beauty is a love story - sexy, witty and full of surprises. Directed by Richard Eyre, this 2004 film was featured at the Sunshine Coast Film Society's gala event on Tuesday night.

Gemini makes summer music

Sounds for Summer is intended to be a lighter-weight, high-quality classical concert, says Gemini musician Valerie Rutter.

Anagram to play on the Coast

Anagram: from Greek anagrammatismos, meaning, "transposition of letters." In the context of this dynamic musical quartet, anagram means a transposition and amalgamation of musical styles, forms and ideas.

Madrigaïa - vulnerable beauty

There is something very intimate about a cappella music. It is not intellectual. With its vulnerable beauty unshielded by other sounds, the human voice resonates deeply and honestly across any cultural boundary.

Twisted String develops

From within the Coast String Fiddlers, a new and innovative group has developed. The nine members of NYWP explore new music composed and taught by Oliver Schroer.

Low profile, high bids, for artist

Local artist Clayton Anderson keeps a low profile on the Coast but his reputation is big with the prestigious Heffel Gallery of Vancouver.

How a Chamber Festival was made

It began as the best things often do, over food and wine - barbecued shrimp and white wine to be exact.

The art of making it up

An accomplished fencer and performer, Laura Marshall delights in teaching the comical art of improvisational (improv) theatre. "Performance art uses our own selves as the medium of that expression," said Marshall.

Never a dull musical moment

No sooner had the 10th annual Gibsons Landing Jazz Festival packed away its tents and equipment than organizer Linda Williams was promoting the next event: Music in the Landing.