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Withdraw Bill C51


The following letter was sent to MP John Weston and copied to Coast Reporter.

Dear Mr. Weston:

I am extremely upset and disappointed that you appear to be in support of Bill C51. I feel this bill moves us closer to becoming a police state and will do nothing to change the behaviour of those isolated Canadians who may be thinking about extreme Islam. Below is a copy of my letter to Prime Minister Harper. I ask that you communicate these concerns to him.

Dear Prime Minister Harper:

I am neither violent nor extreme. I have reviewed the science of climate change and I understand your government’s unwillingness to act with urgency and real steps towards a low carbon economy as extreme. In my view, your continued determination to push fossil fuel expansion is extreme and violent to life on this planet.

As a Canadian, I expect my right to hold and express these views to be protected and honoured as responsible citizenship. Please withdraw Bill C51 and listen to the clear and intelligent arguments against it. Protect Canadians’ citizenship and constitutional rights and freedoms.

D. Lynn Chapman, Roberts Creek

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