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We don't need a federal election

No one can ever say federal politics are boring. The newest session in the House has been raucous to say the least.

No one can ever say federal politics are boring. The newest session in the House has been raucous to say the least.

We've had the Chuck Cadman affair, a two-week firestorm of controversy over comments in a new book Like a Rock: the Chuck Cadman story. The book, penned by Surrey Now Newspaper reporter Tom Zytaruk, describes a period just before a crucial vote in the House that could have toppled the Liberal government in 2005. Cadman, sitting as an Independent MP, voted with the government and not the Conservatives. Party insiders had a meeting with Cadman days before the vote and allegedly offered Cadman a bribe in the form on a million dollar life insurance policy. Prime Minister Stephan Harper has called the accusations baseless and has threatened the Liberals with legal action over statements and postings on the Liberal party website.

I know Zytaruk from my days freelancing in the Lower Mainland and I worked side-by-side with him in the Now newsroom on more than one occasion. He's always struck me as an honest, down to earth guy, who strived to get the story right, accurate and fair.

Zytaruk's book will be released this weekend, and I for one can't wait to get my hands on it. Howard White with Harbour Publishing has promised to get me a copy right off the press. I'm holding you to that promise Howard.

There has been vigorous debate over extending Canada's military mission in Afghanistan and votes on that were expecting to pass on Thursday meaning Canada's mission will extend for at least a few more years.

With all this debate and disgruntlement in the House, you would think one of these issues would trigger a call for a federal election, but the Liberals simply aren't ready yet and I don't think many Canadians are either.

A national survey conducted this week for Global National shows a full two-thirds - 66 per cent of the respondents - oppose the idea of an election. Only 27 per cent said an election was needed, while seven per cent said they were unsure. I wasn't polled for the survey, but you can count me in with the 66 per cent that don't want an election.

What is an election going to solve now? Nothing. A few ridings will change hands, the seat numbers in the House will be adjusted, but the bottom line will be a minority government with the Conservatives still in power. It will be a waste of time and a waste of money. The House is on a bit of a break starting next week. Hopefully it will be time well spent by our MPs as they look back on this session and they will come back from the break with a renewed sense of energy, hope and trying to work on behalf of all Canadians on real issues like taxes, health care and funding for children and day care. Let's put the talk of books to rest and get down to the real business of moving this country forward.

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