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Letters: Where are the solutions


In response to the article “People are Struggling,” I need to say, the problems are real but I don’t see Keith Roy proposing any solutions. 

It is common sense to admit we live in a world that is dangerously warming and therefore to put a surcharge on carbon, to create money to use to counteract and pivot to sustainable energy use, and to help those most adversely affected. 

On climate he just says that Conservatives understand the environment and want to keep doing everything that got us into this predicament in the first place. 

On crime, his stance is, “Oh yes, that is a problem and we can help but we won’t tell you how.” 

Steven Guibeault is correct, road congestion is never solved by making more roads. Good public transportation that takes cars off the roads solves congestion. 

I think we need to look elsewhere for real solutions. 

Joan Payne