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Letters: Suing Big Oil hypocritical


It would be hard to imagine anything more hypocritical than the proposed lawsuit against Big Oil (whatever that is) and anything more incorrect as to accuse Big Oil as being responsible for climate change related disasters. 

I do agree that the use of fossil fuels is likely to cause some global warming but it is impossible to quantify the effect as it is possible that global warming would be happening in any event due to many factors that have nothing to do with human activity and the use of fossil fuels. 

The hypocrisy lies in the fact that the people proposing this lawsuit likely all use fossil fuel powered vehicles each and every day and likely use other sources of energy produced by fossil fuels e.g. home heating. 

Big Oil supplies a product that is in great demand by these same people, who ignore the fact that it is they who are the problem (if there is one). 

This lawsuit is a huge fig leaf over the real culprits in this “drama” and that is us. We are the ones responsible, not Big Oil.       

Instead of trying to pass the buck, why not own up to the fact that it is our own behaviour that is the “problem” and that we need to change. 

I will not be signing this petition and I vehemently object to even one dollar of my tax money going to support this lawsuit.   

Buzz Bennett, Gibsons