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Letters: Not the big city


Sechelt, what is going on?

We live in a rural area, not  downtown in a large city. Containers everywhere, what a mess, what a waste of taxpayers’ money.

Most of us have no spaces to keep them inside.

Once in two weeks, the collection of garbage containers?

How about those stinky kids diapers?

How about the pads from people who suffer from incontinence in our community?

You really want to attract more wildlife and what follows, the killing of so called “nuisance” animals?

 How about listening to community input?

 Downtown Sechelt looks like a bowling alley, horrible!

Less parking, and many trucks are having a hard time to go around these very narrow corners.

Again, we are rural, not big town, stop pretending we are. It sure is time for a change...

Cornelia van Berkel, Sechelt