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Letters: Extend the DMP deadline



In any representative democracy, elected officials must have a close ear to the ground if they truly wish to understand the concerns of the people they represent. How else can they come up with effective policy solutions that (actually) fix the problems facing their community? 

I am personally in favour of protecting individual property rights, and the NDP government must give serious thought as to how the DMP will (negatively) impact the residents of the region. 

Indeed, the NDP provincial government owes their constituents a fulsome (and proper) public consultation process, one that gives the community enough time to thoughtfully express their opinions about the proposed swiya-wide dock management plan (DMP). It was a gesture of bad faith to have the bulk of the consultation period during December. This would suggest that the NDP government was trying to slip this one under the radar. 

Honesty and integrity are underrated but extremely crucial character traits that are often lacking in those seeking elected office. In their absence, we inevitably become disillusioned with government and those meant to be public servants.

Marcus Wong 

Nomination Candidate 

West Vancouver – Sunshine Coast – Sea to Sky Country