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Letters: Development of hundreds of homes is disaster waiting for a permit

Building frame structure on a new development site


I almost had to laugh at Geoff White’s letter in the Feb. 3 issue of the Coast Reporter, except that the issue is so serious that it’s no laughing matter. He claimed, at that time, that the issues to do with water and housing on the Coast run independent of each other, and that to suggest otherwise is “absurd logic.” 

Doesn’t housing, in today’s situation on the Sunshine Coast, assume that there will be water supplied to that housing?  

Mr. White claims that the water supply needs to be fixed this year. We all know that that would be a wonderful outcome, and yet: where’s the water? The current supply, even with the addition of the Church Road well at full strength will not be enough to keep the SCRD from very likely having to enact water restrictions again next summer and for the foreseeable future, until another water source is added to the equation. Perhaps Mr. White knows what that source will be, and, to be fair, perhaps Mr. White’s letter was written before the decision on a possible Dusty Road well was deemed untenable, but if he has an idea for the solution of the Coast’s water shortage problem, we’d all very much like to hear it.  

Otherwise, development of the proposed hundreds of new homes on the Coast seems like a disaster waiting for a permit.     

Peter Quinn, Roberts Creek