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Kudos to hospice society

A beautiful new hospice facility was opened to the public this week.

A beautiful new hospice facility was opened to the public this week.

Thanks to the efforts of the Sunshine Coast Hospice Society, the Rotary Club and other volunteers and contributors, families now have an expanded area available for their dying loved ones in a home-like setting. This new facility will complement the care available at the Shorncliffe nursing home. The new facility is obviously needed. The new hospice's two rooms are already occupied.

The hospice society should be applauded for its efforts and this achievement.

Health care everywhere these days is being scrutinized. It's nice to see that a group of volunteers, when they put their minds to it and add hard work, can achieve something that will benefit the whole community.

Mental health was also recognized in a unique way this week.

On Sunday, David Granirer brought his Stand Up For Mental Health comedy show to Gibsons.

Stigma around mental illness ordinarily isn't the best topic to be laughing about, but Granirer and his fellow comedians showed that, given the right setting, joking and laughing about their own experiences with mental illness can be a positive form of healing.

Land use strugglesThe struggle over land use issues is nothing new on the Sunshine Coast.

Last Thursday, residents, politicians, environmentalists and forest recreation users packed into the Chat theatre for a meeting with B.C. Timber Sales (BCTS).

It was a meeting that was long overdue. We're encouraged by the fact that representatives from the BCTS were on hand to outline their role within the Ministry of Forests, answer questions and address concerns. This should be just step one in an ongoing process.

BCTS suggested they would love to have annual meetings with the public, and that's great. But what about the other 364 days of the year? More consultation is needed.

We urge the provincial government to start listening to this community.

The Ministry of Forests must begin the process of getting a provincial land use plan for the Sunshine Coast.