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Chatelech rugby team winds up tremendous season

The Chatelech Boys Rugby Team participated in the rugby 7s provincial tournament where months of perseverance paid off.

As coach of the Chatelech Boys Rugby Team, I am proud to highlight the tremendous successes of our team during this past season. Recently, our team participated in the BC Provincial Rugby 7’s games, and despite great odds and tougher competition than ever before, we placed 8th in the tournament. 

Our boys worked hard for months leading up to the tournament and all their effort, dedication and perseverance really paid off. We could not be more proud of what we have achieved this season. Despite being a young and relatively inexperienced team, these determined boys surprised everyone with their talent and skill. 

They showed that with hard work and dedication, any team, no matter what their age or experience, can achieve great results. We would like to give special thanks to all the parents, family members and other fans who supported us throughout the tournament. It was all of this amazing support that kept our team motivated and inspired. It has been a pleasure to coach such a talented and enthusiastic group of young men. Congratulations once again to the Chatelech Boys Rugby team on a job well done!  

Sincerely, on behalf of all three coaches (Owen Schutz, myself and Raj Rajarethnam).