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Chat and Elphi hit the links

The high school sports scene has moved away from the gym as both Chatelech and Elphinstone have teed off on another golf season.

The high school sports scene has moved away from the gym as both Chatelech and Elphinstone have teed off on another golf season.

Both schools are once again competing in the North Shore Secondary Schools Athletic Association (NSSSAA) and started with practices just after spring break.

So far Chat has played five league matches and one exhibition match. Chat improved its record to 2-3 with a win on Wednesday, and hopes are high for a solid run at the end of the season, with an eye towards the playoffs.

"In the first half, we went up against some pretty stiff competition and played on courses we haven't played before," said Chat coach Dean Totten. "Discipline and commitment are two things I have really been trying to stress. I think things are now starting to turn around. The team played great on Wednesday, so I think my messages are starting to get through. "Hopefully we can have two more solid matches and then get set for the playoffs."

Chat's team this year consists of 10 players, with the majority of those players in Grades 8 and 9.

The team includes Sean Patton, Curtis Patton, David Arduin, Devon Haynes, Cameron Dybwad, Danny Baker, Derek Inkster, Kyle Meyerink, Baillie Quinn and Brodie Gower.

Chat's team started the season with 17 players. Totten felt cuts were needed to ensure maximum instruction time for all the players.

"Last year was great. We had a lot of fun, but with 18 kids and only really myself I felt it was unfair to the kids," Totten said. "Kevin Krake here at Sechelt Golf and Country Club is helping me out this year and I think by having a smaller group, you can focus on more individual play. Last year, I feel, the kids who were playing well didn't excel and the kids needing help didn't improve, so we needed to make some changes."

Totten feels that this year's team can be competitive down the stretch, while also improving for the future.

"We have some solid talent here," he said. "I think it bodes well not only for high school golf, but also for youth golf on the Coast."

Elphi is also off to a good start this season with a 1-1 record for far.

The team has not been active in competition the last two seasons but has been revived this spring with the help of Sunshine Coast Golf and Country Club pro Jim Pringle and Elphi teacher Peter MacDonald.

Elphi team members include Dylan Cappadocia, Andrew Husband, Coty Haikonen, Kris Liddicoat, Jaryd Turner and Dustin Christmas.

"We are working hard at our games and hoping to make the playoffs this year," Pringle said.