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Stage 2 restrictions for southern SCRD water users start July 28

The Sunshine Coast Regional District (SCRD) has declared Stage 2 water conservation regulations for SCRD water users south of Pender Harbour as of July 28.
Chapman Lake July 28
Chapman Lake, which supplies the majority of SCRD water users.

 As of Thursday, July 28 and until further notice, the Sunshine Coast Regional District (SCRD) has declared Stage 2 water conservation regulations for SCRD water users on the Chapman system. 

Water users on the SCRD’s Egmont, Earls Cove, and both Pender Harbour water systems will remain at Stage 1.Water users in Langdale, Soames Point, and Granthams Landing will also follow Stage 1 water conservation regulations.

In a news release issued July 19, the SCRD stated that water conservation regulations help ensure that demand does not exceed the capacity of its water supply system and also ensures that there is always enough water for fire protection.

Commercial food producing farms paying a metered rate for water are exempt from Stage 2 regulations.

Stage 2 rules for residential properties

At Stage 2, watering of lawns is banned. Using a sprinkler, soaker hose, or micro-spray system to water gardens and food producing trees and shrubs is restricted to two days per week. Those days are Thursdays and Sundays for residences with even numbered addresses and Wednesdays and Saturdays for homes with odd numbered addresses. Watering times are limited to within the hours of 7 to 9 a.m. and 7 to 9 p.m.

For watering ornamental landscaping, the same day restrictions are applied, and the time limits are for the 7 to 9 a.m. period only.  

Washing of vehicles and outdoor areas at residential properties, as well as filling of pools, hot tubs and water features is allowed at Stage 2.

“While recent cooler than normal weather and rain events have been beneficial from a water supply perspective, with the forecasted warm weather, it is expected that water supply contributions from snow melt in the watershed will diminish within the next several days,” general manager of infrastructure services Remko Rosenboom stated in the release.  

 “Water levels in Chapman Creek are already decreasing and this is expected to continue, triggering the need to reduce water demand by the community especially starting with the July 30 long weekend.”

The release also states that SCRD staff patrol neighbourhoods on a regular basis to enforce regulations, to deliver educational materials and that all complaints are investigated. Complaints may be submitted through the bylaw online complaint form, by phone or email to [email protected].

Fines issued for violations of restrictions at Stage 2 are $300.