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Here's how Sunshine Coast water regulations have changed for 2022

No more exceptions for watering new lawns and limits on drip irrigation
lawn sprinkler
The SCRD will no longer issue permits to allow residents to water new lawns – lawns must be established before drought season.

With sunny weather bringing reminders of summer water woes, here's what Sunshine Coast residents need to know about what's recently changed in Sunshine Coast Regional District (SCRD) water regulations: 

  • Exemptions for watering new lawns are no longer available. SCRD water users used to be able to get permits to water new lawns when water restrictions would have otherwise prohibited lawn watering. Now, lawns are to be established in early spring, well before the onset of the dry season. No lawn watering is allowed in Stage 2 and above. 
  • Hand watering and drip irrigation can only take place in morning and evening when Stage 2 and Stage 3 restrictions are in place. This is to reduce evaporation. 
  • "Drip-irrigation system" no longer includes technologies like microirrigation, which are less efficient in their water use than dripirrigation.
  • Farms paying metered rates for water get a two-week exemption at the start of Stage 4 restrictions, when all other outdoor water use is prohibited.

The SCRD board made these changes to the Drought Response Plan bylaw at its March 24 meeting. The bylaw "is reviewed regularly to adapt to changing conditions, promote efficient water use, and improve clarity," said an SCRD news release. 

“The areas considered for review and change were based on staff experiences and observations through the summer months,” said Remko Rosenboom, general manager of infrastructure services in the release. “These include community interactions and feedback, water meter data, and neighbourhood staff patrols.”

Stage 1 water restrictions start May 1. 

See more on the SCRD website.