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Mobile home proposal sees few comments during public hearing

Applicant seeking to add 37 mobile homes next to RV park in West Howe Sound
Public hearing 1
Examples of mobile homes provided by applicant for a proposed mobile home park in West Howe Sound.

In a brief public hearing on March 29, a proposal that seeks to add 37 mobile homes in the West Howe Sound area saw two commenters speak: one in support and one in opposition. 

The application at the centre of the meeting requires an amendment to the Sunshine Coast Regional District’s (SCRD) West Howe Sound Official Community Plan (OCP) and a rezoning with specific provisions to facilitate developments on the two adjoining parcels. Those parcels are located at 2170 Port Mellon Highway, where the Langdale Heights RV Park already exists, and 2061 Twin Creeks Road, the would-be site of the new mobile home park.

The mobile home park would include 37 manufactured homes, outdoor green space and parking areas. In addition to the creation of the mobile home park, the applicant seeks to redevelop the RV park’s current commercial buildings into a restaurant, golf clubhouse, convenience store, billiard room and gym. Parcel coverage of all buildings and structures will not exceed 20 per cent of the site, except for recreational vehicles or tents, senior planner Yuli Siao presented.

The virtual meeting lasted less than half an hour and up to 17 people joined. (As of April 4, the YouTube recording had been viewed 32 times.) 

Aleria Ludwig spoke in support of the application, identifying herself as a property owner near the development.

“I think the Sunshine Coast needs more housing like this because of our housing crisis and the cost of living here, so I support it from that perspective. I also think that Area F could really use a kind of central community hub, and I think what they’re proposing with the restaurant and the corner store and whatnot is a great way of starting to focus that,” Ludwig said. 

The only other member of the public to comment during the meeting, Donald Townsend, said he represented property owners in Williamsons Landing area, to the east of the proposal. He spoke in opposition to the application, citing concerns related to the terrain, the lack of sewage, potable and recreational water access, transportation services and emergency access, although he said he had no problems with rezoning the golf course. 

Townsend also noted a concern of accessing the site from the Twin Creeks logging road. Scott Davis, who identified himself as the project’s designer, responded during the meeting and noted that the drawings show the access to the site is from Port Mellon Highway through a portion of the existing RV park.

The application’s information package also said, according to the applicant, “sewage disposal will be handled by a new Type 2 community septic system to be installed on site and managed by the landowner. Water will be supplied via the current Langdale Heights RV Park community water system. The current well produces a high volume of good quality drinking water, and has a sizable reservoir on site. Engineered plans for water and septic are being designed for submission to Vancouver Coastal Health.”

Townsend asked who would own the 37 mobile home units, whether they would be rentals or owner-occupied, to which staff said the manufactured homes would only be permitted as long-term dwellings with a lease or occupied by the owner, and not as short-term rentals. The pads would be rented to the owners.

Following the public hearing, SCRD staff will present a report of the meeting to directors, and the application will be considered for third reading and adoption of the bylaw. The next SCRD board meeting is scheduled for April 14.