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Gibsons-area beaches reopen

One Gibsons-area beach still closed due to E. coli levels
Granthams beach closed
Granthams Beach remains closed as of July 23 due to high E. coli levels.

Swimmers can dive in at Gibsons-area beaches once again, after a recent closure due to E. coli levels has been lifted. 

On July 22, Armours Beach in lower Gibsons was declared by Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) to be safe for swimming. Two other beaches also reopened that day.

The closure came into effect on July 13 for Armours, Hopkins Beach, Soames Beach and Granthams Beach. 

Of the four beaches, only Granthams Landing’s beach remained closed for a few days longer, according to VCH’s beach water quality reports.

A July 23 routine water test showed Granthams Beach had a count of 243 E. coli per 100 ml of water. The other beaches were within the accepted limit of less than or equal to 200 E. coli per 100 ml, ranging from 25 to 175 E. coli at the most recent weekly count.

By July 26, Grathams Beach was cleared to reopen when the water testing showed it had returned to an acceptable level of 100 E. coli per 100 ml.