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Sunshine Coast thrift store now owned by healthcare auxiliary

Shared values and a common purpose are keys to a great partnership
Pictured from left to right: Former Sunshine Coast Healthcare Auxiliary Presidents Carole Murray, Gayle Bennett, Candice Sayre, Current President Warren Jones, Jane Macdonald, Executive Director, Sechelt Hospital Foundation.

The Sunshine Coast Healthcare Auxiliary is officially master of its own house. Or store.  

Last week, at  Sechelt Hospital Foundation’s AGM, Jane Macdonald and former SHF Chair Bob Gray had the pleasure of handing the keys to the Auxiliary Thrift Store to the four most recent presidents of the Auxiliary, consummating a transfer of ownership that has been in the works for the past year. In a demonstration of the continued and deepening collaboration of the two organizations, the teams joined forces to celebrate the completion of the sale of the Thrift Store, allowing the Auxiliary to, in the words of President Warren Jones, “finally become our own landlord”.  

“The keys symbolize the trust we have built over the years working together,” said Macdonald. “We have two organizations focused on the same goal: supporting Sechelt Hospital and healthcare services for the entire Sunshine Coast. As we like to say at the Foundation, the best medicine is local. Together, we are achieving that shared goal.”   

Warren Jones, President of the Auxiliary, echoed Jane’s remarks. “Negotiating this purchase was pretty easy. We are all aiming for the same outcome. It was a team approach, and I am proud of our 375 Auxiliary members for getting on board and approving this amazing step toward owning our future and our fate.”  

Each organization conducted separate, independent property assessments, and came to agree on the market value. The Hospital Foundation will use the money it receives from the Thrift Store sale to support future capital projects and facility renovations at Sechelt Hospital. 

The Thrift Store has been managed by the Sunshine Coast Healthcare Auxiliary since 1981, and contributes over $500,000 per year in revenues to improve healthcare on the Coast. Sechelt Hospital Foundation raises funds through multiple community engagement activities throughout the year, including its healthcare education series MedTalks, Art of Healing fundraising event, Memorial Tributes, Gifts in Wills and an annual campaign. For more information on Sunshine Coast Healthcare Auxiliary, please visit: