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Painting positivity: Arrowhead clubhouse creates a welcoming mural

A push to reduce stigma and beautify downtown Sechelt is getting creative 

With small pots of paint and a large paint-by-numbers, the members and staff of Arrowhead Clubhouse are hoping to make a big difference. 

On June 21, folks worked together to put the first brush strokes on their 64-square-foot mural.

Arrowhead Clubhouse is a Sunshine Coast Community Services program for people living with mental health challenges. 

The idea of a mural came from clubhouse members last year to help create a more welcoming space. “Many members at Arrowhead use art every day to help them through the dark times,” Melanie Peters, a clubhouse member and the artistic director, said of the therapeutic role of art. 

Four local artists, 25 clubhouse members and six staff members helped with the design and Paintillo provided the materials and set up.

Foye Hatton, the Arrowhead project lead, said the clubhouse took a democratic approach when it came to designing the mural. Every clubhouse member was given five stickers to vote for which words resonated with them the most. The bigger the word, the more votes it received. The biggest words on the mural say it all: Love and Hope. 

“Collectively creating a piece of art is no easy task — we have moved slowly and ensured that every voice has been heard. We are so proud to bring our art to the streets of Sechelt. Now we just have to paint it, ready for the grand reveal later in the summer,” Hatton said in a press release. 

Once the mural is complete, it will be installed on the side of Arrowhead Clubhouse facing Dolphin Street. The colourful painting will brighten up the area and, Hatton hopes, help reduce stigma. It may also help give passersby a better understanding of Arrowhead’s mission. 

People who would like to attend the painting sessions can contact Hatton at or 604-865-0471.