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New artwork honours donors

A stunning new art installation is taking shape at the Iris Griffith Centre.

A stunning new art installation is taking shape at the Iris Griffith Centre.

Designed to honour the community members whose generous private donations have helped the Centre, the two-panel stained glass mosaic has been a labour of love for local artist June Malaka.

Malaka has been working since the spring to design the mosaic, installing tiny glass pieces onto the huge four by five foot panels, and she expects to spend several more months completing the project.

"The Iris Griffith Interpretive Centre is the culmination of a dream that its namesake and several other forward-thinking community members held," she said. "It is my intention to honour that dream and celebrate those reasons for which the Centre was created. As an artist, I am happy to contribute in my own small way.

"The mosaic design reflects what we have at the Centre - beautiful wetland and forest. The people walking along the path represent the interaction between nature and people. The names of the Centre's legacy holders are naturally incorporated into the design, almost like leaves in the trees or ripples in water."

Mounted in an outdoor setting, the piece will reveal different parts of itself throughout the day and night as reflected natural sunlight and moonlight highlights different regions of the artwork. Interactive elements powered by green technology will allow viewers to trigger different spotlights that highlight different areas.

"This stunning project just shows the amazing number of people who have contributed to the Centre - the huge community effort and how generous everyone has been to make it all happen," said Society chair Michael Jackson.

There is still space for up to six more names. To become a Legacy donor and be acknowledged in this spectacular new artwork, please contact Jackson at [email protected] or 604-883-9853.

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