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NDVR helps Haiti

It started with a class discussion on Monday morning, Jan. 25.

It started with a class discussion on Monday morning, Jan. 25.

Students were posed with the following challenge: what can we do as a group to help raise funds to help the country of Haiti? A lively discussion ensued with a number of ideas of how money could be raised. Our goal was to fundraise as much as possible for the week of Jan. 25.

In the end, a bottle drive, a bake sale and generous donations from parents and community members helped NDVR students raise $500. This figure will be matched by the federal government, meaning a total of $1,000 will be donated to Canadian Red Cross. This total could not have been reached without the dedication of NDVR students and parents. Donations were counted and posted daily. On the day of our bake sale, students headed into the local community offering plates of baked goodies for donations. Staff at the District of Sechelt and Sechelt Public Library both donated generously, as did colleagues at the Sunshine Coast Alternative School.

The final step in this learning experience will be for students to research what the raised funds will purchase for residents of Haiti. The plight of Haiti has been a regular topic of discussion at NDVR since the earthquake hit. Discussions will continue, and hopefully students will realize that, if they will it, they can be the change they want to see.

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