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Just Ask Angie: Clarifiying BC renter’s tax credit eligibility

Also, Be the Change welcomes Portland community builder speaker
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Angie Theilmann is a information and referral specialist at the Sunshine Coast Resource Centre. She has a biweekly column with the Coast Reporter.

Q: How do I know if I’m eligible for the new B.C. renter’s tax credit? 

A: One new piece of information being asked when you file your taxes this year, is whether or not you were a renter in 2023. According to the BC government: “This tax credit will give $400 to low and moderate-income renter individuals and families with an adjusted income of $60,000 or less.” If your income is between $60,000 and $80,000, you still may be eligible for a lesser credit amount. To apply for this tax credit, have the following information on hand when completing your taxes/having your taxes prepared: a) total amount rent you paid in 2023 (at all locations you rented); b) address(es) you rented at; c) landlord name(s). 

The following are considered eligible rentals units by the province: single-family dwellings; apartments; condominiums; townhouses; basement suites; detached suites and carriage houses. As well, the BC government says certain other types of units may be eligible as long as at least six months’ worth of rent was paid towards them in 2023. This other list includes: a) co-operative housing; b) college/ university dorms; c) long-term care facility units; d) shared housing; e) subsidized housing and f) employer-owned accommodation where rent was paid to the employer or deducted from an employee’s pay. 

You are not eligible for the rental benefit if: a) Rent paid was for a campsite or moorage; b) rent was for pad rental fees (or “manufactured home site” fees, as they are called on the BC government website); c )you paid rent to “non-arms’ length landlords” – which means paying rent to parents, siblings or relatives; you are paying towards a rent-to-own plan; d) or if rent was paid by your employer for accommodation that is not required to be included in your income (for example, your employer provides you free accommodation at a special or remote work site or camp and it’s not included in your income as a taxable benefit). If you have questions about your eligibility, contact the BC Ministry of Finance: 1-877-387-3332 or [email protected]. I did call this number with a couple questions, but they are not able to answer everything, and may direct you to the CRA for more specific questions. For navigating general questions about this, our Resource Centre staff or Community Volunteer Income Tax Program (CVITP) volunteers may also be able to help. 

We have already seen many people come through the Resource Centre this month to make use of our free CVITP program this tax season, and we would still love to see many more of you make use of it! A reminder: If your income is: $45,000 or under for a single person, or $55, 000 or under for a couple – plus add $2500 to these totals for each eligible dependent you support – consider using the CVITP. Why not get your taxes done for free! You can use the service via drop-off method here at the Resource Centre (and other locations up and down the Coast), via booking into free in-person clinics at various locations, or simply by calling volunteer tax coordinator Louis Legal directly at 604-886-1995 to have them done “virtually” over the phone. If you’re not sure if you qualify, or just want more info, visit or call us at 604-885-4088.

On a separate note – our Be The Change events for March continue – and one really cool opportunity is an upcoming event centered on inclusion that I’d like to highlight, is a virtual talk happening Tuesday, March 19 from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. by Mark Lakemen, renowned grassroots community-builder and founder of City Repair in Portland, Oregon. ( Lakeman will talk about placemaking and creating the world we want to live in – and much more! Register for this online session by emailing Dawn Henderson [email protected], calling us at our office number below, or via EventBrite on our website: 

Angie Theilmann is an information and referral specialist at the Sunshine Coast Resource Centre, your community information hub at 107A - 5710 Teredo. The Resource Centre is open Monday to Thursday 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Appointments are recommended to be sure we are available to help you. Note: on some days, we can book clients after 2 p.m. Contact us: [email protected] or 604-885-4088. Search our online resource directory at