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Harbour-Egmont Highlights: Joy found in miracle bear cub rescue

Also, join Harbourside Friendships at Pender Harbour Community Hall Feb. 10
Pender Harbour

After a week so heavy on the heart the joyous news of the rescue of the tiny bear cub out Sakinaw way was a terrific tonic. Enormous thanks to those volunteers who embarked on this mission with relentless efforts since November through all the treacherous weather and conditions. Without their devotion this little soul would have been lost. He survived these conditions on his own and many of us thought he had perished. Suffering from frostbite, pneumonia, abrasions on his paws, malnourishment, and additional ailments he was under 20 pounds instead of 50. His rescue was a miracle. The cub was rushed to Critter Care where he is receiving the ultimate care and recovering in good company of other cubs and older bears to teach him what his mother would have. When ready, he will be returning to his forest home. If you would like to donate to Critter Care here is the link: Sunshine Coast Bear Alliance has been instrumental not only in this rescue and those of other cubs on the Coast but also providing information, education, signage and door to door canvassing so we may live respectfully, safely and in harmony with bears on the Coast. Please visit their Facebook page. Coastal Wildlife Rescue 604-399-8502 is ready to help with wildlife issues 24/7 visit their Facebook page and website at

As I write this Tuesday, Feb. 1 a plane will land soon at YVR with 300 dogs and cats rescued from Afghanistan. This near-impossible mission, in the works since September, was a collective heroic effort of Thank Dog I Am Out, Raincoast Dog Rescue, (favourite rescues of Coasters) Marley’s Mutts, War Paws and SPCA International. Betty White, do you have something to do with all these miracles?

Come join Harbourside Friendships at the Pender Harbour Community Hall, Thursday, Feb. 10, 10:30 a.m. to noon to enjoy a fine performance when they welcome special guest Kenneth Norman Johnson, performer, composer, writer, producer, recording artist, (I could go on). With more than 50 years’ experience Ken has contributed, enriched, and raised the musical bar in our Coastal communities.

The world has lost an iconic shining star, the trailblazing Coast Salish mezzo-soprano Rose-Ellen Nichols. Rose-Ellen was admired and loved not only here on the Coast, but globally by those who knew her and audiences moved by her powerhouse performances. Heartbroken and in mourning, our community sends condolences to her family.

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