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Halfmoon Happenings: Spotlight on…stories from the fair

Reflections and observations from the 55th annual Halfmoon Bay Fair
Scenes from Halfmoon Bay's 55th annual Halfmoon Bay Fair

You know that surreal feeling you get when just about the only thing you’ve thought about for two-plus months is over? You wonder, “Did that just happen?” Yes, it did!  I’d like to share a few stories from the 55th Halfmoon Bay Fair:

• I offered a ride to a couple who missed the last shuttle. The husband got in my car and sat on a box of push pins I had used to put up bus route maps. “I have push pins in my ass!” he exclaimed. His wife in the back seat chuckled, “Now you know which one of us had too much to drink!”

• I observed a man and his daughter at the ice cream truck. Now there’s a dad, holding a pink life jacket and a balloon animal, while his daughter jumps with joy, swinging her long blonde hair from side to side. Simple delights that speak volumes.

• One lady told me,  “This is what it means to be Canadian! All these happy people, everyone’s so kind!” Then she said “My brand-new car was stolen last week! Imagine, someone stole my car! But here, it reminds me that many wonderful people live on the Sunshine Coast.” Oh, my heart!

• MC Keith wore a tank top that read: “Lettuce Turnip the Beet.” Took me about six hours to figure out that it meant “Let us turn up the beat!” Yes, indeed, lets!

• You know why I get confused when it comes to our local musicians? They play in so many different bands, it’s hard to keep track. Wait a minute! Didn’t you just play the drums for the Sofa Kings? And now you’re here riffing on the electric guitar with the Bad Tonz. They should have their own guidebook. (Probably too many updates needed!)

• Do you know Ruthy from the Story Theater Pop-up Troupe? She’s a sweet pixie lady, a twinkle in her eye and a timid smile. “What did you think?” she asked, referring to their performance which enthralled adults and children alike. I said “Ruthy, it was just the right amount of corny to make it absolutely perfect!” She beamed!

• Volunteers never cease to amaze me. They will do any task you give them (move a boulder, pick-up garbage), and all the while they’re laughing with each other. There is something about being a volunteer that gets you right in your core and it is this – our purpose is to serve others. It’s as simple, and as beautiful, as that.

The Halfmoon Bay Community Association has been nominated for a Sunshine Coast People’s Choice Award. If you agree that their Fair is the “best festival on the Coast”, Coast Your Vote in the Health, Wellness, and Lifestyle category starting on July 21. The HBCA’s next event is Lazy Daze #1 on July 28; check their website for details coming soon!

If you have a topic, a community event, or a story you would like to share, contact me at [email protected].