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Halfmoon Happenings: Last chance to tread the old floorboards of Halfmoon Bay General Store

Spotlight on...Halfmoon Bay General Store

Did you hear?! The historic Halfmoon Bay General Store is on the move!   

Peter Pearson, one of the proprietors, confirmed, “This is the last week that we’ll be in the old building. We’ll move into the new building and then the old store will come down pretty quickly.  Structurally, it isn’t sound and, in order for it to last for future generations, a full overhaul was needed.” So, for anyone who wants to tread those old floorboards one more time, this is the week to do so.  It’ll close Monday, June 5, and reopen in the new building later in the week. Peter says, “Our much-loved old store building will then be newly rebuilt into a combined general store and cafe with an oceanfront deck.” 

The owners commissioned a “statement of significance” to assess the store’s historic, communal and aesthetic value – how and why it is important.  The document states: “Established in 1937 [the store] is valued as a …commercial, communications, social, cultural, and political hub since its inception.  [Halfmoon Bay has] very few public amenities, and beyond its crucial role as a retail and business center, the General Store has…been cherished…as a social gathering place. Most often sponsored or enabled by the storeowners over the decades, community parties, meetings and events were regularly held at the store, as were music lessons and beauty and health services.”  The document is a fascinating historical account of the store and is available on the Halfmoon Bay Community Association’s website: 

Peter’s wife Kristen and her father Blake took over the store in 2018, and soon began plans to renovate the buildings that were badly in need of some TLC. Four generations of Kristen’s family have spent their summers on Thormanby Island, which included regular supply trips across to the store. When the opportunity to take over the store came along, Kristen jumped at it. Almost five years and two children later, Halfmoon Bay is very much home for the family. 

How lucky are we that Kristen and Peter stepped up to ensure that Halfmoon Bay residents and visitors can continue to enjoy this community hub on the site of the original 1937 store?! 

More good news… 

• The hardy women known as the Halfmoon Bay Hikers clocked in 300+ kms and raised nearly $7,000 for the Sunshine Coast Hospice Society during this year’s Hike for Hospice month. Until June 10, donations can be made at 

• On May 28, the HBCA held their Pterodactyl Trail Races & Sports Day event.  Connor Park was alive with racers, disc golfers, frisbee throwers, many tried their hand (bodies!) at hula hooping, and music echoed throughout the park adding a festive vibe to the event. Next up – the 55th Halfmoon Bay Fair, July 15 to 16.  Details coming soon  at 

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