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Halfmoon Bay Happenings: Auction at the Bay raises $12,000

Funds to go toward SCCSS’s Building Together project
C. Halfmoon Happenings_forest
Ruth Powell planting in new wetland near the West Sechelt Burn footprint area.

Hi everyone! Happy April Fools’ Day! Look out for those practical jokes that may be played out today. There are negative and positives about April Fools pranks. The positive view is that April Fools’ can be good for one’s health because it encourages jokes, hoaxes, pranks, good belly laughs, and brings all the benefits of laughter including stress relief and reducing strain on the heart. The negatives are jokes that may cause concern, are too realistic or may be harmful to the recipient. Be safe out there. 

This last weekend, volunteers and members of the Sargeant Bay Society and the Sunshine Coast Wildlife Project participated in planting a variety of indigenous grasses and berry bushes in a new wetland created near the West Sechelt Burn footprint area. These plants will attract birds, butterflies and dragon flies to the area. On Saturday, March 26, there were 11 volunteers, two of which were Halfmoon Bay residents; Mike and Ruth Powell. Mike said that, “due to all the heavy rain, the planting areas were pretty wet and mucky, but a wide assortment of vegetation was planted.” New trails will also be created in the future so those who venture into this area will enjoy the new growth and continued rejuvenation of this burned site. Thank-you to all the volunteers who braved the inclement weather and muddy conditions. 

The Sunshine Coast community did it again! They saw a great cause and rose to the occasion. The Auction at the Bay fundraiser, sponsored by the Halfmoon Bay Community Association (HBCA), was a resounding success! HBCA president, Linda McMahon shared that, “As of Monday, March 28, there were 19,000 page views, 718 bids made and 80 successful bidders, with the best number of all being $12,000 raised, which will be donated to the SCCSS’s Building Together project.” These funds will bring the project closer to what will be required to operate their programs in one easily accessible building and provide 34 affordable housing units for vulnerable women and children on the Coast, including Halfmoon Bay. Linda sends a “Huge thank-you to donors from Egmont to Gibsons and in-between and to those who successfully bid thus making this generous donation possible!” 

HBCA is hosting their first Town Hall meeting on Tuesday, April 6 at 7 p.m. via Zoom. Special guests MLA Nicholas Simons, along with a representative from MP Patrick Weiler’s office as well Area B Director Lori Pratt will be in attendance. One major topic in the Halfmoon Bay community is rural subdivisions and how these projects are being addressed by the SCRD and the province now and in the future. The Zoom link will be posted on social media and the HBCA website. For information, send an email to [email protected], visit their website or check their Facebook page HalfmoonBayCommunity. 

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Be safe, be gentle, and always be kind.