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Gumboot Nation: Who’ll stop the rain?! Not the SCRD – then again, that's not their job. Find out what is June 14

Kelly Backs and the Roberts Creek Community Association are hosting an Area D SCRD director information session June 14
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Well it won’t be the SCRD or our local director, that is outside their jurisdiction, as are a few other things like provincial parks, highways, the ferries. (But can they advocate for us? Yes, yes they can!)  

So a question would be, what you can expect from your board? And what does it take to be an SCRD director? I will be asking these questions and more of our Area D (Roberts Creek) SCRD directors, past and present, this Tuesday June 14 at 7 p.m., right here in the Gumboot Nation, at our fabulously renovated community hall. We need someone to run as our representative at this local level of government, and you should know that if no one stepped forward the province will step in and appoint a director! What will that look like, eh? Submit your questions for our directors to 

Guess what?! It’s time to start growing your giant pumpkins for the 3rd Annual Roberts Creek Pumpkin Growing contest! More on this later. 

The Creek is made up of a good many community-minded individuals who inspire us to beautiful action in service of this place and its people. One of those who has inspired us to beauty is Mandela wrangler Rob Marion. I received this missive from him about an event this Saturday, June 11, at said Mandela, weather dependant. What time? Noon to 5 p.m. 

“The first day I got here back in ’91. There was a slow down sign campaign behind the post office/library. I was lucky enough to participate. It cemented my reputation as a ‘sign/sun’ painter of the creek.  

“So I’ve painted a hundred signs and posters since. Time for some payback. We supply all the paint, brushes and boards ... much like the mandala, you just show up but you need to display your own sign on a pole or post of your own choice/design later... 

“The point being to mellow traffic on residential roads which include most roads in Roberts Creek but this is intended for across the Coast. I can’t count the times I’ve pulled over due to tailgaters or passers on sensitive areas. However, it’s meant to be a light hearted family event... but please use the term with its spelling...’Slow the EFF DOWN.’” 

It is said that to master a craft takes those long, long 10,000 hours. Graham Brown has put his time in the trenches, in the 1980s as lead guitarist in the early incarnation of alt-country pioneers Jr. Gone Wild, with outfits like Happyman and Graham Brown & The Prairie Dogs, and often with the same core group of musicians. Since the release of the 2011 album Hiwatt, the Graham Brown Band (guitarist/keyboardist Rob Blackburn, bassist John Werner and drummer Mark Gruft) have become one of the most potent live roots-rock bands in Canada, allowing Brown’s renowned talents as a singer-songwriter and guitarist to fully shine. Mr. Brown brings his mastery to our little legion Friday June 10.