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Gumboot Nation: Giving Tuesday and interviewing Santa

Also, Creative Shopping in the Creek, Vol. 3 and Creeker plays Nirvana tribute in NYC
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Greetings Creekers! 

By the time you read this it will be December but as I write it is Nov. 28, the last Tuesday of the month and “Giving Tuesday.” I survived Black Friday without participating but this is different and my inbox is flooded with donation requests from the many worthy organizations whose mailing list I am on. It is a difficult decision when one’s capacity for donations is limited and it always makes me wish I could win the lottery. Of course, I’d have to buy tickets first, so that’s a problem. Anyway, in the meantime, I can help locally by putting much needed food items in the food cupboard and giving up some warm clothes for the coat rack outside the library. I have noticed that items in both those places are going quickly so please consider donating to these two worthy projects.  

Well, December is here and there is no avoiding the fact that Christmas is coming and I don’t want to. I decry the commercialism associated with it but really we all need some festivity in our lives. We seem to live in a culture without a lot of traditions and so the special activities, food and gatherings at Christmas are important. One of those traditions is Santa Claus and this Sunday, Dec. 3 is Santa in the Creek. You can take your children and grandchildren to the Hall between 1 and 4 p.m. to have a visit and photo with Santa. Hot drinks will be available. My friend Sarah Tompkins is a big fan of our local Santa and she interviewed him for me and included her own special story.  

“Spoiler Alert!! Our Santa is really Scott Avery. He has been doing it now for 21 years and he has never rushed anyone off his knee. His most memorable experiences were being passed a five-hour-old newborn and a visit from a 94-year-old woman whose wish was for “one more day.” He is a very extraordinary person and I would like to share a story of his kindness. Two years ago, I could not get out of my house to see my close friend who was about to become a dad so on Christmas Eve Scott brought the new parents to visit me. I will always hold that memory close to my heart. Thank you, Santa, for everything you do.” 

My list for Creative Shopping in the Creek continues with the addition of two more great local businesses for you to consider supporting.  



Ray and Bev Niebergall enjoy the mysteries and complexities of working in clay and make tea pots, heart cups, mugs, and a variety of sculptural and functional pieces. Beauty and function are combined in their fermenting crocks. They are located at 3394 Kraus Road and they are having a Christmas Open House on Dec. 2 & 3 and Dec. 9 & 10 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. or you can call them at 604-885-3174 


Jeff Barringer and Danise Lofstrom’s journey to becoming distillers started back in the 1990s. Now they produce a selection of more than 20 spirits and liqueurs winning awards along the way. There are plain and flavoured vodkas and gins and delicious fruity and not too sweet liqueurs as well as their very popular advocaat. If you are an eggnog fan, this is a European liqueur version that you will love. They are located at 2040 Porter Road where they are open Thursday through Sunday from noon to 4 p.m. You can also purchase from their website and at local liquor and beer and wine stores.  

Well let’s move on to music and a story with a Creek and Sunshine Coast connection. Last year, local musician Steve Wright organized a local performance of Nirvana’s historical New York MTV Unplugged Concert. He brought together Joe Deleo (Gumboot Cafe owner) on guitar along with our MLA Nicholas Simons on cello and a drummer who flew in from New York. It was a huge success and it turned out the drummer had a connection with the club where Nirvana made their New York debut. So fast forward to last week and Joe, Nicholas and Steve found themselves in New York playing a sold-out concert to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Nirvana’s original MTV performance. What fun and Yay Joe! Straight from the Creek to the Big Apple and now he’s back in the kitchen making those delicious breakfasts.   

Tonight at the Legion you can watch the 1988 John Carpenter film They Live with a live soundtrack by Eye of Newt featuring electronics, bass drums and trumpet. So, kind of like those silent movies with the honky-tonk piano accompaniment but just a little different.  

Tomorrow night it’s John Wright with his new band Dead Bob. Muff Busters and Black Smith and Brewer are on the bill too so three bands for the price of one! 

Okay, I’m done. Please write to me with the things I have forgotten to mention or any column ideas you have. I need them!