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Gibsons Paddle Club back on the water

Seats available for new members
For two and a half decades, the Gibsons Paddle Club has plied the waters of the Salish Sea.

The fine weather of spring is upon us. Folks are finding their way out of doors again, and thoughts of fresh air, nature’s bounty and beauty and personal exercise have stirred again from within. And those of us in the Gibsons Paddle Club are right there with you. Some of our stalwarts have been paddling all through the winter. Only wind and sub-zero temperatures have kept us off the waters. Our paddle club enjoys the use of outrigger canoes of many sizes and capacities. And, we also have a North American designed voyageur canoe, that has taken us over the waters of the Salish Sea and many inland waters of B.C. 

Our club provides an opportunity for people of different ages to participate and enjoy. Our membership includes a wide age range, from mid 20s to mid 80s. If you’re interested, we can try to help find a time and crew that’ll accommodate your needs. 

We have regular scheduled times all spring, summer and fall. There may be a timeslot and a crew that’ll accommodate you, and as you progress in your energy and fitness level, you may be able to move to other crews appropriate to your conditioning, interests and aspirations. We range within our membership from purely recreational paddlers to racers who compete at the international level. And it’s all waiting for you for what is probably the cheapest “fitness dollar” on the Sunshine Coast. 

From the ocean, you’ll see the Sunshine Coast from a vantage point that few people ever experience. The canoe is a place of peace and tranquility, no matter your land-based issues. It’s your own personal time away from it all. And while you’re enjoying our beautiful Salish Sea, you’ll be sharing it with the local fauna and wildlife. From our canoes, crews have seen the widest variety of migratory, resident and transient waterfowl. Our crews have paddled with otters, seals, sea lions, orcas, humpbacks and grey whales and they’ve even seen deer and bear swimming between islands. No day on the water is ever the same. 

Most of all though, the Gibsons Paddle Club will provide a wide diversity in new personal contacts with the people of the Sunshine Coast. The social aspect of paddling, with a likeminded group of people, is perhaps just as important as the exercise and being on the water. All around, the Gibsons Paddle Club provides a healthy, invigorating and energizing experience. 

Check out our website (, give us a call and come on out and try this great pastime. Your first two visits are free. Your seat, and the wonderful experience of paddling on the Salish Sea, is waiting for you in one of our beautiful canoes.